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With partners who have been in the travel industry since the mid-1970s, Avanti has the experience to navigate through the travel service industry. We are headquartered outside Jacksonville, Florida but service clients all across the USA. Our team is comprised of talented and knowledgeable individuals with extensive hotel, travel industry, and event planning experience. Between all of us, we have traveled to every corner of the world. In our sports travel division, our staff have come from the hotel industry and/or have been competitive athletes, have spouse/siblings/children involved with competitive sports, are sports enthusiasts.


From conversations with our travel clients, they do not want to feel like just one of the masses nor a proverbial square peg forced into the round hole of traditional travel agencies and meeting planners. Our promise to all our clients is not to let you feel this way. Our mission has always been to be your travel concierge —whether you are a vacationer, an athlete or team manager, a business hosting a meeting, an athletic tournament organization, or sports council/CVB—-so that the “big business” remains personalized, attentive, convenient, and focused on your vision and expectations.

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